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Belarusians suffer in bus accident in Turkey

Three Belarusians have got into a road accident in Turkey. Their life is not in danger. Two women have been discharged from hospital, and the third will leave it in the near future.

A tourist bus traveling from Pamukkale to Antalya overturned on a wet road after crashing into a fence. According to preliminary information, citizens of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania were on bus. Six people were killed and dozens wounded.

The Belarusian diplomatic mission in Ankara is closely monitoring the situation. The first version of the causes of the incident is speeding. The bus skidded. The driver tried to stop it not to let it skid into the abyss. As a result, the bus overturned, but the driver did manage to keep the balance.

Belarusians get into road accident in Turkey; their life is not in danger