Young biathletes from Japan arrive for training camp in Belarus for the first time


Young biathletes from Japan arrive for training camp in Belarus for the first time

Japan does not have their junior biathlon team. Neither do they have a special program for the training of children. Therefore, after big victories of young Belarusian biathletes at the juniors' and youth's world championships and triumph of the three-time Olympic gold medalist Darya Domracheva the Japanese selected Belarus as a training ground for the future Japanese champions.

14-year-old athlete from Japan, despite her spring name, Sakura, loves winter. For a long time she was engaged in cross-country skiing. But recently she has taken biathlon and is already showing good results. Sakura and several other kids children were selected for the tour to Belarus among hundreds of children.

Sakura, biathlete (Japan):
Belarusian biathletes are very hospitable. Every day we chat with each other drinking tea. And by the way, you have delicious food. And, of course, excellent training conditions.

Anastasia But, CTV:
Law in Japan does not allow one to touch combat weapons until 20 years. Therefore, young athletes shoot there from laser rifles. Here, in Belarus, they have a real chance to shoot real rifles for the first time.

Tsyharu Ueda, biathlete (Japan):
I know your Darya. She won three gold medals at the Olympics. And in the future I want to become an Olympic champion too. With three gold medals, like her.

Alexander Khlusovich, biathlon coach and teacher of the Novopolotsk State College of Olympic Reserves:
It is very interesting; we try to use some new moves during each training session, some new exercises, interesting, new for them. And they do it with great interest, even ask us permission to return to this stadium even during the weekend.

The Belarusian town Novopolotsk has a magnificent roller track with many ups and downs. No snow is needed. The new shooting range with modern equipment and Belarusian food, which the guys rightfully appreciated.   

Isao Yamase, biathlon coach (Japan):
We have started the development program for young biathletes. But Japan doesn't have its own program for now. Belarus is known internationally as a country with rich Olympic past and present in this sport, with experience in training. And, of course, with well-known names!

Deguchi Hiroaki, executive director of the Japan Federation of biathlon:
We are carefully studying every kind of training workout, remember and write down all the details. Belarus has a very good training program. Not just for the young but also for national teams. Belarus is among the top leaders of biathlon, including at the highest, global level.