Uniting factors outnumber disintegrating ones in Belarus-USA relations, Alexander Lukashenko says


Uniting factors outnumber disintegrating ones in Belarus-USA relations, Alexander Lukashenko says

Belarus has been and will be interested in keeping full cooperation with the United States. The Belarus President said this today at an August 3 meeting with US congressmen.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the recent contacts between the two countries have significantly intensified, with trade also gradually going up. First of all, thanks to Belarusian export. Despite some political differences, the parties are also willing to cooperate in the field of investment and industrial cooperation. The fact that the two countries have come to some positive changes is also confirmed by the current visit of the delegation of American congressmen.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
We very much appreciate the support of our initiative at the United Nations and the readiness of the USA to facilitate the accession of Belarus to the World Trade Organization. Belarusian and American law enforcement agencies continue to cooperate. Inter-regional ties have been established. We also promote cooperation in science, culture and education.
The United States is Belarus' promising trading partner and investor, and we do not hide that. Belarusian producers are interested in gaining access to solvent and large American market. Mutually, we are ready to do everything in order for you to comfortably run business here in Belarus. We are interested in attracting investments, development of industrial cooperation, and obtaining credit resources.
US corporations are showing increasing interest in Belarus. This is also due to certain advantages of the creation of the Customs Union and our participation in the Eurasian Economic Union.
Today Belarus has about 400 enterprises with American capital. However, I am convinced that the potential of our economic cooperation is much greater. While there is some disagreement in the political sphere, I am sure that there are more integrating factors than dividing issues.

Dana Rohrabacher, member of the US House of Representatives, California:
This visit is the first one in many years. The pause has become too long. We need to exchange visits more frequently. I hope that today's visit is the first of the many visits, which will open new opportunities for the bilateral relations. I'm really glad with what I could see. Everything indicates that it was done for the people. I hope that you have many more things to be proud of, and that our countries have many areas for cooperation.

The United States is one of the leading investors in the Belarusian economy. Last year alone, Belarus received nearly 70 million US dollars of investment.

A significant event for the bilateral dialogue was the holding of the Belarusian Investment Forum in New York in September last year. The event gathered more than a hundred American companies. Belarus was represented by a government delegation and chiefs of the leading domestic exporters.

US Congressman expressed a desire to communicate with Belarusian scientists on cooperation in the space sphere. In the afternoon they will visit the Academy of Sciences. Here, the delegation will get acquainted with the latest developments at a specialized exhibition.

The program of the congressmen's visit also includes talks with officials from the National Bank and the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.