Belarus marks Airborne Day August 2

Belarus marks Airborne Day August 2

Blue berets, airborne infantry, and flying Guard. Troopers marked their holidays 2 August.

Exactly 85 years ago, near Voronezh, the first paratroopers' unit was formed in the Soviet Armed Forces.

This year Belarusian paratroopers marked this day with demonstration performances: close fight, parachuting and crossing water obstacles.

From the plains and forests of Europe to the scorching sun of Afghanistan. In this difficult war, many paratroopers received orders and medals.

The heroes of the occasion always say that there are no former paratroopers, regardless of your age. Even girls can now become members of airborne troops.

Elena Shkatulo, paratrooper:
It is an indescribable when there are so many men surrounding you and when you help them. Women should be present in the army: we also serve, we shoot, run and somehow help.