Minsk's streets named after aviators


Minsk's streets named after aviators

The pulsating heart of Belarus - Minsk - is beating thanks to almost 2 million people. The capital's life spreads over 1,200 streets and alleys, one third of which is named in honor of great people. And while the names of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Lenin immediately bring some images in mind, the rest of streets are named in honor of people who are less famous.

Minsk native Vladimir Molozhavyi has been studying the hometown for six decades. But recently Vladimir found the street which name is very vague.

Vladimir Molozhavyi:
Walking along this street, I noticed the signs. One says "Mozhaiskogo street", while the other "Mozhayskaya Street." There cannot situations in which a street has two different names. Which sign is right?

We are talking about Alexander Mozhaisky - the inventor of the world's first airplane. It was this Russian (surprisingly) sailor and Rear Admiral who in 1883 built and tested the first airplane. And he did it 20 years before the American Wright brothers, to whom many still ascribe the legendary invention.However, Mozhaisky's monoplane never took off, but this detail hides behind the clouds of history.

Nina Beshenkova, head of the ideology department of the administration of Soviet District of Minsk:
The street is named in honor of Alexander Mozhaisky. In 1955, three lanes and a street were named after this Russian scientist, the founder in the field of aeronautics and aircraft.

Today Minsk has three streets named in honor of the heroes of aviation: Zhukovskogo Street, Mozhaiskogo Street and Nesterova Street.