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Belarus expects GDP growth in late 2015

GDP growth in Belarus is expected at the end of 2015.  In Brest, on 27 July, there gathered economic elite of Belarus and Russia - representatives of relevant ministries of the two countries. The first half of the year, as recognized by experts, was very difficult. But even in these conditions, Belarus and Russia have managed to not only keep the old cooperative ties, but also find new partners. Moreover, now the Russian market is reviving. All this gives reason to expect significant positive changes in the Belarusian economy in the near future.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
Our goal is to achieve certain macroeconomic indicators, including such summing indicator as gross domestic product. It remained at the same level as last year. Although this is an extremely difficult task. Nevertheless, we task enterprises, our ministries and corporations with achieving such figures. A plan of action for each department has been conducted. We expect that industry should start working. Some concerns have been upgraded in recent years, including woodworking. In my opinion, modernization is to give the results.

Alexei Ulyukayev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation:
It is important to give businessmen correct forecast. Quality forecast. Adjusted, coordinated, and walked out of budgetary relations, and business planning. I think this is the product we are able to give our entrepreneurs, our citizens, public authorities and management. We focus our efforts on this. 

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus