Depardieu tastes Belarusian cuisine, says likes Belarusian women

Depardieu tastes Belarusian cuisine, says likes Belarusian women

Gerard Depardieu continues his visit to Belarus. French actor today laid flowers at the Mound of Glory, as well as visited the agro-town "Azeritsky-Agro" in the Smolevichi district, Minsk region. 

"Depardieu is a unique person, a unique actor. And his main unique feature lies in the fact that the global movie star is interested in agriculture in our country. This is one of the main objectives of his visit to Belarus," Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in France Pavel Latushko commented on Depardieu's visit.

Depardieu, who is engaged in agricultural business, heard that the level of agricultural production in Belarus is very high and wanted to familiarize himself with it, the diplomat said. The actor is interested in the state program of Rural Development, which he received at the Embassy of Belarus in France (on July 3, the actor visited the Belarusian embassy in Paris and congratulated Belarusians on the Day of Independence). 

During the trip, Depardieu emphasized the beauty of Belarusian fields. According to Mr Latushko, the actor was surprised that he had not seen any untidy piece of land. Mr Depardieu was impressed with a cattle farm, workers' attitude to animals and technology used there. 

Today the Belarusian delegation took a steam bath and got acquainted with the national cuisine. The receiving party is trying to treat Depardieu only with Belarusian dishes. The actor liked potato pancakes and Belarusian cabbage soup. 

Depardieu said he liked Belarus and the beauty of nature. The actor lives near Minsk and can watch Belarusian scenery. Also, he liked Belarusian women. He said he is very pleased to be in Belarus." 

Photo: Reuters