Pop stars about 2015 Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk

Pop stars about 2015 Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk

The Belarus President talked about peace at the closing ceremony of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk last week. Many events of the International Arts Festival were almost sell-outs.  Slavic Bazaar is getting louder and bigger every year. In 2015, it brought together performers from 42 countries.

Here's the footage from the 2015 edition of the festival. The audience is waiting for new Russian pop idol - Egor KReeD.

Egor KReeD, singer (Russia):
The lowest bow to your audience. Thank you so much. I am very pleased. I will surely come here every year. You will even be tired of me!  

Other singers and artists also hail the festival’s atmosphere.

Igor Sanger, producer (Germany):
On the sidelines of European showbiz, stars already know the European city of Vitebsk not only as the birthplace of Marc Chagall, but also as a festival venue where young performers take part. Many consider it an honor to partake in it.  

Morandi (Romania):
We hope to come back. I liked the concert. And the festival is really impressive.

Thomas Nevergreen, singer (Denmark):
It is always great to come here. It's amazing. You have a festival of such a level!I always feel at home in Belarus.

Imani, singer (France):
Slavonic Bazaar has a wonderful aura. I'm happy to be a part of this celebration. I feel that people here love art; they are all very friendly.

Ula, singer (Sweden):
Here is a great atmosphere, people are energized. The day was wonderful, I strolled through the city, looked into some shops and bought Belarusian sweets.

A star with a big name last week received a symbolic star on the Vitebsk Walk of Fame. Famous Azerbaijani singer Polad Bulbuloglu, despite the torrential rain, enjoyed his favorite hits in the open air.

Although today Mr Bulbuloglu is working as a diplomat, his music is still alive for the whole world.

Polad Bulbul oglu, winner of a special award President of the Republic of Belarus "Through art - to peace and mutual understanding":
In today's turbulent world, the holding of this music festival is a guarantee that humanity will survive.
It is probably better that I received a star in Belarus, not in Hollywood. Hollywood is far away and Belarus is nearby. We lived in the same country after all.    

Alexander Lukashenko handed the diplomat and singer the Special Award "Through art - to peace and mutual understanding" on the stage of the amphitheater right at the closing ceremony.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President: 
"Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk is called the Cultural Summer Olympics. Here people realize how much unites all of us and how we need peace! The Vitebsk Arts Festival is of particular importance in the strengthening of peace and understanding among nations and peoples. "Peace, peace, mutual understanding!" I always say. We defined these priorities long time ago, not now. And who would have thought that today we will be so relevant in our Slavic world these days! Forty-two countries are participating in this festival, which is the festival's record. And believe me: we will do everything to attract not only forty-two but a hundred forty-two nations to this peaceful land.