I International Trade Union Youth Forum held in Belarus

I International Trade Union Youth Forum held in Belarus

Belarus is hosting the I International Youth Trade Union Forum. It brings together more than 100 participants from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Cyprus. The program includes meetings with businessmen, mass media and the arts.

The 1st International Trade Union Youth Forum organizers decided to start not with the official opening ceremony but with a historical perspective. The participants laid flowers at the "Barrow of Glory" - one of the symbols of the Great Victory.

Giorgas Epameinondas, forum member (Cyprus):
Being here near the monument is a great honor. Because we live in the free world today thanks to that victory, which was achieved by our ancestors in that terrible war.

Stella came to the forum from Moldova. At home, she heads the Youth Council of the National Confederation of Trade Unions.

Stella Strata - Sarbu, member of the forum (Moldova):
Communication, namely that we support each other and give some hope makes communication easier, and some problems become insignificant.

The specificity of this forum is its format - an open discussion. Meetings with representatives of the business community and government agencies are held "without ties". Trainings and workshops result in concrete proposals. And everyone has the opportunity to present their own project.