Belarus, Zimbabwe working on possible areas of economic cooperation

Belarus, Zimbabwe working on possible areas of economic cooperation

In particular, Belarus wants to increase the supply of vehicles of famous brands to Africa. The second-ranked official of Zimbabwe - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Belarus to hold talks on a number of matters in economic and other spheres of cooperation.

Belarus plans to build with Zimbabwe a road map for trade and economic cooperation in the region with the aim to create a single service center for road engineering, which, incidentally, could work not only on the market of Zimbabwe, but also in neighboring countries. For example, in South Africa.

Another promising topic is the training of specialists who will then operate Belarusian trucks and tractors in Africa.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President, Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Cooperation of the Republic of Zimbabwe:
Today we signed an agreement that defines a mechanism for financing purchases of Belarusian equipment in the amount of $150 million. This amount of funding is guaranteed by financial institutions to Zimbabwe.

Joseph Made, Minister of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation of the Republic of Zimbabwe:
Zimbabwe needs 50,000 tractors for the next 20 years to meet the challenges of modernization.

The national economic policy of Zimbabwe today is focusing on the mechanization of agriculture, construction and mining.  Many fields have not yet been fielded. The country was struggling with economic crisis and Western sanctions for many years.

Belarusian BelAZ trucks have recently begun to work at the coal mine "Hwange". The trial batch of 17 Zhodino heavy trucks proved to be good. Considering that one BelaAZ is worth a million dollars, and Zimbabwe needs a lot of them, the factory in Zhodino can earn good money.

Delegations from Zimbabwe often visit "BelAZ", "MAZ", "MTZ" and "Amkodor", Belarusian industrial giants during their stay in Belarus.

Unlike in the West, Belarus has not imposed any sanctions against Zimbabwe. Relations between the two countries are warm.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
I am absolutely convinced that this visit will be a milestone, a significant, historic, because after that we open a new page in our relations. I am sure that with your good will, we will work not only in your country, but also, from the territory of your state, in the neighboring regions. We do not have any problems with your country. We are ready to do everything that we can for your country and for South Africa.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President, Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Cooperation of the Republic of Zimbabwe:
Thank you for your words. We together with members of my delegation are very happy to be in Belarus. The President of my country - Mugabe - sent me to your beautiful republic in order that I might broaden and deepen cooperation between Belarus and Zimbabwe. I agree with you that we don't have any political problems in our relations. We are interested in cooperation in such areas as infrastructure, agriculture and mining.

Belarusian trucks, dump trucks, tractors are the main interest of African businessmen. The most sensitive issue in this case is the financing of purchases.

The African partners need loans. There are several options. They can either attract the money of African banks or ask for such opportunities in Belarus.

A couple of days ago, Russian media spread a message that Zimbabwe filed an appeal with the request to take it into a free trade zone of the Eurasian Economic Union. The same has already been done by Vietnam, who in May joined the free trade zone and is waiting for ratification of the EEU. This is another argument in favor of serious plans of Zimbabwe to develop economic contacts.

On July 20, a memorandum of understanding between the governments of Belarus and Zimbabwe was signed. According to it, Belarus will supply its equipment and provide loans.