Alexander Lukashenko meets Zimbabwe vice-president


Alexander Lukashenko meets Zimbabwe vice-president

Belarus and Zimbabwe are in search of possible areas of economic cooperation. On July 20 this topic was discussed at the Palace of Independence at a meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the Vice President of Zimbabwe.

During the talks the sides noted that the two countries have no obstacles for a thorough and comprehensive partnership.

Experts note that the Government of Zimbabwe has for several years demonstrated interest in developing relations with the Republic of Belarus. In particular, the African side points out possible cooperation in supplies of agricultural machinery and Belarusian dumpers.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am absolutely convinced that this visit will be a landmark, will be a historic one. After it we will open a new page in our relations. I am sure that with your good will, we will work not only with your country, but also with your country's neighbors. Moreover, your region needs products that we produce.
I think that we should start our cooperation from specific projects.  This will be a signal not only for entrepreneurs in your country, but for other countries with which you border. The signal of our readiness for cooperation with them. We are very interested in this.
I would like to ask you to visit the plants that produce the products needed in Africa.  And after you visit them I would like to hear your opinion about the prospects for our cooperation. We do not have any problems with your country, no obstacles to a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation. We are ready to do everything that we can for your country and for South Africa.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President, Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Cooperation of the Republic of Zimbabwe:
Thank you for your words. Members of my delegation and I are happy to visit Belarus. Mr President Mugabe sent me to your beautiful country, so that I can expand and deepen cooperation between the two countries in areas such as infrastructure, agriculture and mining.