Moldovan president completes official visit to Belarus: review


Moldovan president completes official visit to Belarus: review

Last week, Belarus and Moldova discussed possible major joint economic projects. Alexander Lukashenko and Nikolai Timofti were seeking for potential points of growth.  Moldovan business community took part in a business forum in Minsk, which reflects their interest in finding opportunities of doing business with Belarusian partners. At first glance it seems that the two countries have completely different economic accents. After all, Belarus is in the Eurasian Economic Union. And Moldova is committed to EU accession. However, if there is a genuine and mutual desire to work together, there are solutions how to achieve this in all conditions. During the visit to Belarus, Nikolai Timofti said that Moldova is ready to help Belarus in selling products in EU markets. Moldova, in return, gets from Belarus accession to the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Diplomatic relations between Belarus and Moldova are already 23 years old. Less than a year ago, Alexander Lukashenko visited Chisinau. Back then, an idea of ​​joint access to markets of third countries and the EU was voiced. The tactic brought results: now Moldova assembles Belarusian agricultural equipment and trolleybuses. The projects had a good impact on turnover. Time to move on: Nikolai Timofti came to Minsk, and this time on an official visit which lasted two days. Red carpet and honor guard underlined the importance of the visit. Traditionally, the anthems of the two countries sounded.

In politics, the countries have no problems. This two leaders will say it later.

Moldova signed an association agreement with the European Union. This fact must be used.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
We don't have any problems in politics. And we thank you, despite the fact that you had to support your allies, the European Union and the United States. But you have never done it against Belarus. We appreciate it very much. Naturally, we are watching it and we very much appreciate it. This suggests solidity in our relations and a high level of confidence.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Republic of Moldova:
What are you doing, what we are doing is not against each other but on the contrary, we are helping to improve our relations. And I am trying to build these relations with all countries. 

Moldova is Belarus' fourth turnover partner among CIS countries. This figure is increasing every year, and the bar has already exceeded $400 million. Belarus imports fruits, vegetables, brandy and wine. Machinery, medicine, light industry products, and dairy products goes in the opposite direction. According to Alexander Lukashenko, it is now important not to politicize the signing by Moldova of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
There is a possibility for the planned increase in localization in order to come up with joint products in the markets of neighboring European countries. These projects are beneficial to both parties. We count on the fact that the leadership of Moldova will support them. At the same time there is an interest in the organization of joint processing of Moldovan fruit and vegetable produce in our country. Given the development of industry and transport and logistics infrastructure Belarus may become a platform for processing, storage and promotion of Moldovan goods to the market of the Eurasian Economic Union. In this regard, we are open to suggestions from the Moldovan side.

At the final press conference, the President of Belarus emphasized the fact that the two countries have no forbidden issues and topics. All this is the result of the consistent development of open and friendly relations.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In the political sphere we have absolutely no problems with our friends from Moldova. Our countries cooperate constructively in the international arena, including in the framework of the UN, OSCE, CIS and other universal and regional organizations. We also welcome the intensification of the bilateral inter-parliamentary dialogue.
During the meeting, we noted with satisfaction the high intensity of the bilateral contacts in the humanitarian sphere, science, education, sport and other areas.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Republic of Moldova:
We exchanged views on the international situation and regional security. We have reaffirmed commitment to the principles of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of our states. We stand for the settlement of security issues on the basis of universally recognized principles and norms of international law. I am confident that the agreements reached and documents signed will contribute to the deepening of cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Belarus.

Traditionally, the visits of foreign heads of state in Minsk begin with a wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War. The people of Moldova also remember that terrible time. The Moldovan President laid wreaths and flowers to the Victory Monument.

Nicolae Timofti was also offered a guided tour of the museum of the Great Patriotic War. Military equipment, old letters and photos, unique documents and medals... The President visited all the exhibition halls, and left a note in the book of honorable guests.

After the tour, sharing his impressions with reporters, Nikolai Timofti stressed that history should be known and remembered for the future. Heads of state, he said, need to do everything to preserve peace on earth and peace.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Republic of Moldova:
Today I am in Belarus at the invitation of Mr Lukashenko. We talked about this and that we must save peace and do everything to ensure that our peoples prosper and live in friendship and cooperation for the benefit of the people themselves and peace.   

The second day of the visit of the Moldovan leader was dedicated to Belarusian industrial enterprises. Moldova has long been using MTZ equipment. A trading house under the brand MTZ has been working in Chisinau for 10 years.

Oleg Golopyatov, director of trading house "MTZ-Leader" (Moldova):
We occupy a leading position in the market. About 65% of the market of all tractors is occupied by the tractors Belarus (MTZ trademark). Service and spare parts... Every element of cooperation has been adjusted.

MAZ buses will be assembled in Moldova in the near future, too.

Stadler has recently started manufacturing the newest railway trains. Such electric trains were already bought by Russia and Azerbaijan. Soon these trains may be sold to Moldova.

Felice Massaro, Director of Stadler Minsk:
We see that the infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova for rail transport is developing. We have an optimistic view regarding the possible supply, cooperation and collaboration.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Republic of Moldova:
We always emphasize with Mr President Lukashenko that we have very much in common. Something that comes from soul. We are open, honest, hardworking, and peaceful people. It unites us. And we as always strive to live a better life and do good things for others. At home and in neighboring countries. 

The package of contracts between the two countries will be expanded, there is no doubt. Experts forecast that the increased turnover will hit half a billion dollars.