Moldova President Nicolae Timofti test drives Belarusian MTZ tractor (video)

Moldova President Nicolae Timofti test drives Belarusian MTZ tractor (video)

The delegation from Moldova July 17 was able to assess work of Belarusian industrial giants.  President Nicolae Timofti embarked on a comfortable bus for a short ride and even personally test drove the MTZ tractor. Electric trains produced by Stadler pleased the Moldovans, too.

Moldovans began to cooperate with Minsk's tractor producers more than 10 years ago. Chisinau operates the trading house of Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark). Since then, the annual demand for Belarus' agricultural machinery has not reduced. In the course of one year MTZ exports up to seven hundred vehicles to orchards and vineyards.

Fyodor Domotenko, Director General of OAO Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark):
We paid a lot of attention to machinery. We specifically discussed with the Moldovan president the next steps for the development of our presence in their market.

Oleg Golopyatov, director of the trading house MTZ Leader in Moldova:
We occupy a leading position in the market. About 65% of the market of all tractors is occupied by the tractors Belarus. Service and spare parts... Every element of cooperation has been adjusted.

Minsk trolleybuses are also shipped to Moldova's capital Chisinau. Now plans are to organize joint production of buses. 

Octavian Calmac, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Moldova:
We have managed to come to joint projects for the development and implementation of various designs of trolleybuses and buses in the Republic of Moldova. We discussed the assembly of buses and trolley buses as well as purchases.

Mr Timofti also visited the plant producing modern electric trains. Recently Moldova received from the EU 500 million euros for the development of infrastructure. Here Chisinau expressed confidence in Belarusians: the sides have recently prepared joint projects in the field of construction, transport and logistics.

Belarus will take part in the construction of a ring road around Chisinau and is now ready to share the latest developments in the field of railway transport.

Trains from the Belarusian plant successfully ply routes in Russia and Azerbaijan. Soon they may be sold to Moldova, too.

Felice Massaro, Director of Stadler Minsk:
We see that the infrastructure in the Republic of Moldova for rail transport is developing. We have an optimistic view regarding the possible supply, cooperation and collaboration.

Nicolae Timofti, President of the Republic of Moldova:
We always emphasize with Mr President Lukashenko that we have very much in common. Something that comes from soul. We are open, honest, hardworking, and peaceful people. It unites us. And we as always strive to live a better life and do good things for others. At home and in neighboring countries. 

In the morning of July 17, the Moldovan leader met with Belarusian parliamentarians.