President Timofti invites MTZ Director General to visit Moldova

President Timofti invites MTZ Director General to visit Moldova

On July 17 the delegation headed by the President of Moldova visited Belarusian industrial giants. First on the list was the MTZ works. Moldova is well familiar with Belarusian agricultural machinery. 

There is a trading house in Chisinau, to which MTZ this year alone sent about one hundred and fifty machines of varying power and modifications. Especially in demand is Belarus-921, designed to work in vineyards.

In addition, Belarus' tractors are jointly assembled in Moldova. Nicolae Timofti personally tested Belarusian machinery.  

Octavian Calmac, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
We have been working with MTZ for a long time. The assembly and delivery of tractors began about 5-6 years ago. Dozens of tractors are delivered monthly to Chisinau. This project will only expand and will carry out the tasks that will be set by our government.

Fyodor Domotenko, Director General of OAO Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark):
A lot of attention was paid to machinery supplied to Moldova. We specifically discussed with the president the next steps in the development of our presence and increase in the volume of supplies. We got a personal invitation to visit Moldova in the near future to discuss the development of the existing Moldova facility assembling our products.