First open-air museum of stone sculptures opens in Grodno


First open-air museum of stone sculptures opens in Grodno

Stone of Love, head of a warrior and Teutonic helmet can be seen in the Grodno Kalozha park. On July 16 in the town of Neman there opened the country's first museum of stone sculptures in the open air. The idea of ​​this art gallery belongs to a local sculptor.

The idea of ​​the Grodno sculptor was supported by colleagues from all over Belarus. Stone carvers from all over Belarus handed their works to the city of Neman.

However, the creation of the museum under the open sky is just beginning. Each year the park alley will see new exhibits.

Vladimir Ponteleev, sculptor:
These are almost entirely Belarusian artists and sculptors. Minsk, Soligorsk, Mogilev, Grodno.  I hope that we will expand it. We will invite our neighbors from Lithuania, Poland.

Near the sculpture museum is the legendary Grodno Kalozha - an architectural monument of the 12th century. The organizers say that the place was chosen specifically for the convenience of visitors, hundreds of whom come to see the beautiful city every day.