Vitebsk says goodbye to Slavonic Bazaar 2015

Vitebsk says goodbye to Slavonic Bazaar 2015

Despite the official closure of the arts forum, which took place the day before in the city on the Dvina, Vitebsk still lived music 14 July. The organizers summed up the results of the "Slavic Bazaar" festival. 

This Norwegian with Belarusian roots visits Vitebsk not only for work but also for impressions. The capital of "Slavonic Bazaar" for Alexander Rybak is not only the stage of the Summer Amphitheatre, but home where he is loved and awaited by fans.

Alexander Rybak, singer:
The most important thing is friends and family. Your career is nothing if you don't have friends or don't enjoy time with family. Therefore, every time I'm in Vitebsk I visit my relatives.

A lot of artists also fell in love with the capital of "Slavonic Bazaar" from first sight.

Alina Arts, singer (Russia):
The public is amazing! Atmosphere is terrific! And the city in general is clean and green. I fell in love with Vitebsk!

City of artists, second Paris and the summer cultural capital of Belarus. Vitebsk has a lot of names. Slavonic Bazaar has a lot of names too: the main cultural event of the country, a city with cornflower color and the festival of festivals. The last name in 2015 is more relevant than ever, because director of the "Slavic Bazaar" became chairman of the World Association of Festivals.

Alexander Sidorenko, director of the International Arts Festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk":
For us, of course, it is most importantly that soulmates be among us in the association. People who are doing their best for the development of the festival movement for promotion of peace-making ideas. We want the motto of our festival "Through art - to peace and mutual understanding" to be embodied not only here in Vitebsk, in Belarus, but also worldwide.

Love, understanding, joy, and peace in the world. That's what the festival of festivals means first of all.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
When Muses talk, I would like guns to remain silent. "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk is called the Cultural Summer Olympics. It has already established itself as a place where musicians, artists, actors and art lovers get acquainted with new trends and creative discoveries from all over the globe. Here people realize how much unites all of us and how we need peace! The Vitebsk Arts Festival is of particular importance in the strengthening of peace and understanding among nations and peoples.
"Peace, peace, mutual understanding!" I always say. This is not a motto to suit present-day interests. We determined this priority many years ago. And who would have thought that today we will be so relevant in our Slavic world! Therefore, peace, peace and peace once more!

On July 13, the Slavonic Bazaar festival closed.

But the festival is not over. By tradition, Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk "ends slowly" leaving a sweet aftertaste.

The famous city of masters will close on July 15 to open exactly in one year. As well as the festival itself.

Guests of the festival:
We are very sorry. This is a good event. We arrived from afar. Everything is beautiful. Awesome.

Of course, we do not want it to end. Very interesting. But the year will fly very quickly. Therefore, it seems to me that the 2014 festival closed some days ago, though it's been a year.

The festival program in Vitebsk will finish on July 15 with the concert of the Bi-2 band.

The next festival will be the 25th. Organizers promise a slightly modified format and a completely new stage of the Summer Amphitheatre.