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Alexander Rybak: Vitebsk is a modern city that preserved its roots

Vitebsk lives music non-stop.  Despite the official closure of the Slavonic Bazaar international arts festival, which took place last night, music sounds in the city on the Dvina even today. The city of artisans and masters is still open while artists and actors continue to bring joy to city residents and tourists.

Alexander Rybak, singer:
Vitebsk is modern city, but it has kept its roots. It's nice to see it. Some kind of nostalgia has always been attracting me here.

Organizers say early sale of Slavonic Bazaar tickets significantly increased the number of viewers. As a result many concerts were sold out. They were visited by no less than 100,000 people. 

The fact that the director of Slavonic Bazaar became chairman of the World Association of Festivals proves that Slavic Bazaar acquired the status of the largest authoritative festival.

Alexander Rybak, singer, comes to Vitebsk for Slavonic Bazaar