Alexander Lukashenko calls Slavic Bazaar a global scale festival

Alexander Lukashenko calls Slavic Bazaar a global scale festival

The international arts festival Slavic Bazaar started last week in Vitebsk. In 2015, it is attended by a record number of participants - from 42 countries.  Contrary to its name the festival hosts artists not only from Slavic states, but also from Kazakhstan, Brazil, the UK, France, Norway, and Sweden.

As many as 21 artists competed at the international song contest for the grand prize - 20 thousand dollars.

In the Year of Youth, support to young artists is particularly relevant. 

Sandra Bullock herself persuaded the young Swedish singer to sing a song "You one in a million" in the movie "Miss Congeniality." A brilliant hit brought him worldwide fame. In Vitebsk, the singer is in search of a unique voice. Bosson likes the unique nature of Slavonic Bazaar.

Bosson, singer, composer, member of the jury of the XXIV International Pop Song Performers Contest Vitebsk 2015 (Sweden)
I like that you keep the tradition of the festival. Artists have good voices. I would like to note the high level of the competition.

The program is full of star names. Worldwide super hits are together with youth's songs. 

Ten Sharp (Netherlands):
Look around! Isn't this all great? Beautiful and modest people! Everything is fine!

Inna, singer (Romania):
It's amazing! I came to Belarus for the first time, and I'm happy to be here. And I'm very worried. Thank you very much for the invitation!

These days, the event program includes dozens of events that combine art forms to suit every taste: pop music, theater, folk and even street art. Vitebsk has become the center of festival life and moreover received international recognition this week. The director of Slavonic Bazaar was elected president of the International Association of Festivals. 20 years ago, President Alexander Lukashenko took the festival under personal patronage and kept it in Vitebsk despite proposals to hold the festival in various places.  Every year, the head of state participated in the opening ceremony of the "Slavonic Bazaar". At this time, the Belarusian leader was in Ufa, which hosted the BRICS and the SCO summits. But at the opening of the festival, the President addressed the audience in a video message.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
There are not so many festivals in the world that could be proud of such a long and happy destiny. And the festival in Vitebsk is one of these events. Even the most ambitious musical projects have repeatedly experienced periods of decline and oblivion. But Slavic Bazaar has been developing all these years increasing in scale and becoming a world-class festival.

The Vitebsk scene became a springboard for many artists who later became stars.

MBand (Russia):
Today we are here as artists and this is a tremendous honor. It is very nice. Thank you very much, "Slavic Bazaar"! Thank you, Belarus!

Dmitry Malikov, People's Artist of Russia:
Like all artists, I am sure, we get great pleasure. We do not take it as a job but as a huge pleasure from what you love doing.

Anzhelika Agurbash, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus:
To me, this stage is familiar. It's always a joy to meet my Belarusian colleagues and friends.

Precious Wilson, singer of the mega-hit "One way ticket" also took part in the festival.

Her song career was actually accidental. Prior to that, Precious was a professional painter and dreamed of becoming a designer. Her artistic view helps appreciate the entire beauty of Vitebsk landscapes.

Precious Wilson, singer, Slavonic Bazaar jury member (UK):
This is a very beautiful church. The translator told me that a lot was destroyed and rebuilt. Now it is very nice here.

On July 13, Slavonic Bazaar will finish and we will find out all results and report further on the event's closing ceremony.