Slavonic Bazaar chief Alexander Sidorenko appointed head of World Association of Festivals

Slavonic Bazaar chief Alexander Sidorenko appointed head of World Association of Festivals

Head of the Slavonic Bazaar festival Alexander Sidorenko has become head of the World Association of Festivals. This organization brings together dozens of the largest festivals of the world and serves as a kind of trendsetter in the cultural movement of the planet.

Thus, the international community, in fact, confirms the high level of organization of Vitebsk's Slavonic Bazaar, which in 2015 brings together representatives of 42 countries and about 4,000 artists. 

Valery Meladze, Russian pop star, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation:
The secret is in the hospitality and very responsible attitude of Belarusians to this contest and to visitors. The organizers of this competition treat this event very seriously because every year they try to make a very interesting program. I think this is the main key to success. 

Theater critic from Belgium Florian says she feels the creative atmosphere of Vitebsk. She adds that she doesn't know any analogs to "Slavic Bazaar".

Florian Gaber, theater critic (Belgium):
I would like to note the professional organization of the festival, coordinated work of all services. I am eager to see all the activities and, of course, visit museums.  The "Slavonic Bazaar" stunningly combines different art forms: variety shows, theater and folklore.

Vitebsk also brought together members of the International Association of Festivals from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Latvia, and Israel.

The director of Slavonic Bazaar was appointed head of this international organization.

Jānis Dukšinskis, first deputy chairman of the City Council of Daugavpils (Latvia):
This is a tradition, a meeting of friends, a good professional level. This attracts people which is why the festival every year involves more and more participants.