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Belarusian sculptural dolls on display in Cannes until end of August 2015

Guests of the CTV program “Morning. Studio of good mood” are TV presenter and artist Irina Rombalskaya and Belarusian artist Gloria Ran.

How did you get an opportunity to exhibit your dolls in Cannes? 

Irina Rombalskaya, TV presenter, creator of sculptural dolls:
It's quite a long story, which has been going on for six months already. We sent works and agreed them with the Berlin headquarters. We were selected among other Belarusian artists. With the help of the Belarusian Embassy in France, the exhibition was finally organized.

How were you received there in France? Did you have an opportunity to sunbathe?

Gloria Ran, Belarusian artist:           
We were received very well! Yes, we had time to sunbathe!

How did you transport these dolls?

Irina Rombalskaya, TV presenter, creator of sculptural dolls:
This is a true nightmare. It is always the case when we take part in some away exhibitions. We used a plane to transport them. These dolls are the smallest. Other are bigger. We just carried each of them with our hands. They are fragile!

Gloria, you probably treat your pictures like your own children! Aren’t you afraid that something may happen to them there in Cannes?

Gloria Ran, Belarusian artist:           
I treat them like my own children. But at the same time it’s pleasant that the French are interested in my pictures and want to buy them!

The exhibition will run in France until the end of August.