Alexander Lukashenko takes part in midsummer festival 2015 in Belarus' Alexandria village

Alexander Lukashenko takes part in midsummer festival 2015 in Belarus' Alexandria village

A kind of celebration of Slavic unity - the folk forum "Midsummer" - was held in the Mogilev region. For the sixth time it has united residents of the Dnieper River regions of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.  Taking part in the festival are masters of all trades who show the highest levels of folk art. In 2015, the emphasis was made on youth. This is because support of young talents is part of the government policy.

Dnieper, or the Dnipro, is the river that unites three countries - Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. This symbolizes cultural Slavic neighborhood.

Фестиваль «Александрия собирает друзей»

Natalia Kochanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
This holiday has become very symbolic for our people, because it brings together not only the inhabitants of our country, but also numerous visitors. It symbolizes the unity of our historical and cultural heritage.

By tradition, President Alexander Lukashenko also dropped by. The head of state once supported the idea of ​​this festival.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
We have turned a conventional concert into a creative forum, to in which our Belarusian artists and artists from our sister republics want to take part. Yes, I think if we invited artists from foreign countries, they would love to come here since this is a great place.
The Belarusian nation cherishes living folk traditions. We do not forget our songs, tales and customs that are passed from generation to generation for thousands of years. This is our great wealth. The festival in Alexandria from year to year shows us the size of the potential of traditional Belarusian culture and its wide possibilities for creative search.
Traditional folk art is the most democratic. It is for everyone who mastered true craftsmanship. No wonder that we have here in Alexandria both eminent professionals and amateur groups. Folk art is close to everyone because comes from our hearts.

Youth presented a variety of creative projects at the festival and added their dynamic touch to the festivities.

Alexander Lukashenko:
In the Year of Youth, I want to emphasize once again how important it is to give the young the opportunity to express themselves, support their abilities and initiatives. The musical "Paparats Kvetka", which we will watch today, is also largely aimed at the youth. I hope it will give inspiration for new interesting projects and good initiatives.
Dear friends, I sincerely want to congratulate you with our ancient national holiday - Kupalle (Midsummer). According to popular belief, the midsummer Paparats-kvetka (fern flower) brings into your home harmony and prosperity. I think you have enough of it already. But we sometimes lack happiness and love. Believe me, after this evening, you will get it if you believe in it. And not just here in Alexandria. Everyone will meet this love upon returning home.

Popular beliefs, traditions and modern graphics and arrangement intertwined in the a premiere staging. The Midsummer stage play united Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian stars.