Belarus celebrating 2015 Independence Day

Belarus celebrating 2015 Independence Day

Belarus is celebrating Independence Day. This public holiday is a symbol of national pride, a tribute to the heroism and fortitude of the Belarusians.

In a short period of history, our country has made great strides in development, making true the dream of many generations of the establishment of a sovereign and independent state. It was 71 years ago when the country was liberated from Nazi invaders. Having risen from ruins, today Belarus has the right to determine its own destiny and take its rightful place in the world community.

Celebrations in honor of Independence Day in Minsk will begin at the monument in Victory Square.

A beautiful and solemn wreath-laying ceremony will be held there. This is another "thank you" to all those who fought for the liberation of Belarus. This is also gratitude to those who have praised Belarus after it had gained independence.

A decision to celebrate this holiday on July 3 was made during the national referendum in 1996.

It is planned that the Head of State will arrive for the ceremony too. He will lay wreaths at the Victory Monument.