Belarus begins 2015 Independence Day celebrations

Belarus begins 2015 Independence Day celebrations

Celebrations in honor of the Independence Day started in Minsk. On July 1, at the Palace of the Republic, there was held a solemn meeting and a concert dedicated to the Independence Day of Belarus.

On 2 July, celebrations will move to regions. The campaign "Belarus is the land of military fame" starts at the Mound of Glory.

The memory of heroes of the Great Patriotic War will be honored in Volozhin. Here, a memorial plate dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust will open. In Gomel, capsules with the earth from six Soviet battlefields will be delivered to the Mound of Glory.

The main celebrations will be held on July 3. The most large-scale festivities will be unfolding in the Belarus capital.

Irina Driga, First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
Different events will be held in the city until evening. In addition to concerts, there will be held the fair "City of Masters". At 22.00 there starts the concert "We are Belarusians, peaceful people." This is the first line of the anthem and the main idea of the holiday.

Taking part in the celebration of Independence Day will be numerous foreign guests. Among them are participants of the first meeting of the Advisory Council for Belarusians abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On July 1, a meeting of the council was held at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus. It brought together dozens of representatives of the diaspora from 18 countries. They are ready to help Belarus become more recognizable on all continents.