Belarus' goaltender Andrei Mezin: personal life


Belarus' goaltender Andrei Mezin: personal life

While athletes engaged in summer sports are busy their “winter” colleagues are having rest and have enough time to talk to press.

The CTV crew went to Andrei Mezin, goaltender coach of the Belarusian national ice hockey team, to find out about his career and family life. Yulia Silipitskaya has more.

For years, he has been considered a heart-throb by many women in Belarus and abroad. However, Mezin is a father of two children and a caring husband!

He has already done what every man should do: built a house, planted a tree and raised a son!

This house is home for love, which began with an ordinary phone call. Andrei and his wife talked over the phone for about a month and then finally met in Moscow and fell in love.

To meet the husband’s expectations Anzhelika has to be a super wife!

Andrei Mezin, ice hockey goaltender, goaltender coach of the Belarusian national ice hockey team:
She makes coffee every morning. Then I go to take a shower, and when I get out of the bathroom I see all my clothes ironed and waiting for me! That’s amazing. I just need to put them on and go to the training session. I love her.

Anzhelika made Andrei a gift of two children: Polina and Andrei. Yes, the son has the same name as his father. In the family, he is called Andrei II.

Andrei Mezin, ice hockey goaltender:
He is left-footed. Andrei likes football more than hockey. For now at least!

Anzhelika, Andrei Mezin’s wife:
He likes to eat tasty things. Andrei loves marine products. But he can eat with joy chicken wings as well!

Andrei’s character prevented him from playing in the NHL though Glen Hanlon himself said that Mezin would play in the U.S.

Andrei Mezin:
I was not given a chance. They told me that I would be the second goaltender. They had the primary one and I was about to play only 20 games out of 80. I could not agree to this.

Anzhelika loves her husband and watches all his games.

Anzhelika, Andrei Mezin’s wife:
Sometimes I shout, sometimes I am disappointed. This depends on how the match is going on.

It was Anzhelika who made husband take part in the IIHF WM 2014 in Minsk. His son had to undergo surgery on that very day but she told Andrei: "You must be there with Belarus." And he was there. That game was against the United States and Andrei’s team lost 1:6.

That was not the best ending of professional career but you can’t choose your fate, can you?

Andrei thinks that it is harder to be a goaltender coach than play in the goal. Coaching methods are various and Mezin belongs to a more liberal part of the coaching staff.

Andrei Mezin:
There are coaches who can be called democrats. There are also dictators and both have their positive sides. The Americans are more of a democratic character but they require appropriate results. With Belarusian mentality, one should be a dictator and then the team will get results. However, I would still be a democrat.
But I think that our youth is promising. 14 points in the group round is the best results we have ever had.

Andrei’s life is now heading for the next stage. Work is being done and everything goes as planned.

Andrei Mezin:
I would like my kids to succeed in life and do something useful.