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Belarus-Russia Union State to hold Literature and Art competition

Composers, conductors and writers will compete for the Union State Prize in Literature and Art. On June 30 in Minsk special diplomas were handed to Belarusian nominees. 

These are people whose work has made a significant contribution to strengthening the relations of brotherhood, friendship and cultural cooperation between Belarus and Russia.

An advisory council will choose three winners among contestants. They will be named at the international arts festival "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk."

Irina Driga, First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
Skills are no doubt taken into account, but still a priority is given to the spiritual component, that is, whether or not a work becomes a factor of common spiritual and cultural life of our two peoples. Whether a song becomes a hit or not. Not just a fashionable song that will be forgotten. This song should live in people's minds. As a rule, the works taking part in the contest are not entirely new. Most of them have become part of culture and a certain attitude to them is formed.

Composers, writers to compete for Union State Prize in Literature and Art