Alexander Lukashenko presents state awards on the eve of Independence Day


Alexander Lukashenko presents state awards on the eve of Independence Day

The President of Belarus handed high state awards on June 29. Awards and honorary titles were given to 39 people. These are people of different ages and professions: the military, artists, workers and teachers from villages, machine builders and doctors, athletes and scientists.

As always in Belarus, veterans occupy a special place on the list of awardees.

Such ceremonies have already become traditional. As stated by Alexander Lukashenko, all these people are united by conscientious service to the Fatherland and fruitful work for the good of the Belarusian people.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
In modern conditions, special attention has to be given to the defense capability of our country, support of the normal level of the Armed Forces, and military security. Therefore, we conduct exercises, improve command and control system, equip the army with the latest weaponry and train officers and other personnel. The Order "For Service to the Motherland" is given to officers who are responsible for successes of the troops they lead in exercises.
I am pleased that today there are a lot of representatives of the agro-industrial complex of Belarus. In the current difficult economic conditions, the experience of successful work of Belarusian leading farms is particularly valuable. They are the true beacons, a worthy example for the entire industry. And not only for the Belarusian one.
Our famous artists are also here with us today. We appreciate the creative achievements of artists of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, the National Theatre of Belarusian Drama, the National Academic Folk Choir named after G.I.Titovich, the Grodno Regional Puppet Theatre and a number of other institutions. The state appreciates your contribution to the development of national culture and spiritual enrichment of our people.
Warm thanks to a number of scientists and teachers, whose developments are being actively implemented in the workplace and in the educational process. Our medical professionals, athletes and coaches also have a good reputation. Their work is an example of healthy lifestyle. They create an attractive image of the country.