Belarus marks 20th Youth Day

Belarus marks 20th Youth Day

Youth Day is celebrated on June 28 in Belarus for the 20th time. In 1995, it was established by a presidential decree.

Youth policy is a priority direction of the Belarusian state. The country has more than 2 million young people - nearly a quarter of population.

The country is actively working to improve the system of education - pre-school, basic and secondary, reformed higher education. 

Another important factor is government support for young scientists, who are given a chance to realize talents within the framework of the project "100 ideas for Belarus."

President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated boys and girls of the country on one of the most exciting holidays.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Today you will make a significant contribution to all aspects of society, achieve success in work, sport, creativity and science. It is no coincidence this year was declared the Year of Youth. We believe in the creative force of youth. Your energy, talent and hard work is the key to successful development of our country.

The talented and energetic, bright and creative youth began to celebrate their day in the evening on 27 June. At a site near the Sports Palace, representatives of various subcultures coexisted peacefully.

One could see there skaters, time trialists, break and street dancers and others.

Closer to the night, a competition of the best DJs was held among boys and girls from Minsk.