Belarus 81st in Country Well-Being Rankings

Belarus 81st in Country Well-Being Rankings

Belarus has become 81st out of 145 countries in the 2014 Country Well-Being Rankings, which is compiled by the American Institute of Public Opinion and the company Gallup Healthways. 

In 2014, experts surveyed more than 146,000 people in 145 countries. People were asked questions relating to five key parameters of quality of everyday life: social environment, physical well-being, physical condition, interpersonal relationships and opportunities for self-realization.

Panama is first in the ranking for the second year: 53% of its inhabitants praised the quality of his life in three or more parameters.  

Also among the top 10 are Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Belize, Chile, Denmark, Guatemala, Austria, and Mexico. 

The countries with the worst indicators of well-being are Tunisia, Togo, Cameroon, Bhutan and Afghanistan. 

The map shows the percentage of the population that appreciates the well-being of living in the country in three or more parameters. 

In Belarus, 15.7% of residents appreciate their well-being. Above all, Belarusians assessed the possibility of self-realization and material prosperity (in terms of these indicators Belarus is respectively in 56th and 68th places in the world ranking). But social environment and physical condition got quite low scores: 91st and 136th place.

Belarus' neighbors occupied the following positions in the world rankings: Russia 47th place, Poland 57th, Latvia 88th, Lithuania 103rd and Ukraine 128th.

Interestingly, the highest place in the ranking of the post-Soviet countries is occupied by Kyrgyzstan. It is in 14th place with 33.4% of the population who praised the quality of their life in three or more parameters. Turkmenistan is in 19th place.

The study showed that people with higher welfare are productive, spend less money on health issues, more firmly respond to challenges and often contribute to the success of organizations where they work.