National 3x3 Basketball League opens in Minsk


National 3x3 Basketball League opens in Minsk

The National 3x3 Basketball League opened in the Belarus capital Minsk on June 21. The league games will be held at the skating rink close to the Palace of Sport, which is now completely renovated for streetball purposes.

The National Basketball League "3x3 Palova" (English: 3x3 Half) creates an opportunity for players, both professionals and amateurs, to express themselves.The league has 5 categories: elite, general, U-16, U-18 and women.  

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
In our country, there are a lot of 3x3 basketball fans, but this is the first such tournament at this level. Today we have more than 120 teams registered and a site has been created. The Basketball Federation of course played an active role.

In each category, athletes pursue their goals. For some, it is simply the opportunity to play but for someone this is a fight for medals and diplomas.

In the strongest (elite category), athletes will fight for the right to represent Belarus at the prestigious international tournament of the Challenger level "Tallinn Open".