Alexander Lukashenko thanks China for support in weapons testing


Alexander Lukashenko thanks China for support in weapons testing

The Belarus President met today with the Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus to discuss the tense situation in the region.

Sergei Gurulev spoke about the development of the defense sector of the country and the execution of the instructions of the President. 

Alexander Lukashenko noted that he had earlier instructed the defense industry to primarily equip the national army with the latest weaponry.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
The world situation does not become calmer. And, sadly, NATO (I do not know why they are doing so) are publicly demonstrating their activity. Although Russians often say that this is all happening near their borders. But this is our border! And this activity alarms us. But this is not the main problem. We understand the propaganda aspect of it all.  But we still need to keep the powder dry. We always talked about it. This is not our idea. So I would like to hear from you what is being done to keep this powder dry. We agreed earlier that we would modernize the army. It is necessary to optimize it, it is necessary to improve it and adapt to potential war. It is necessary to prepare the appropriate weapons so it matches the modernization that we're doing in the Armed Forces of our country. Not only in the army, but also in other power structures. We then agreed that we need to have certain weapons. And we determined specific kinds of these weapons. I want you to report about it all. And one more question. You were present at the test of our weapons in the People's Republic of China. Unfortunately, Russia does not actively support our aspirations in this regard. We will be talking on this with the Russian president. But thanks to the People's Republic of China and their leadership for this support. I want you to tell me about that test. You were its witness.

Sergei Gurulev, chairman of the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus: 
I head the commission for the test (multiple rocket launchers). The plans we set for ourselves are fully implemented. The Armed Forces will get decent weapons. It is defensive, which will significantly increase the combat potential and defensive capabilities of the country. It is an element of deterrence. We just have to think about the security of the state today, not when something happens. After all, deterrence  is the main strategy of our actions.