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NATO increases activity near Belarus borders, we have to react, Belarus defense minister says

Alexander Lukashenko met with Defense Minister of Belarus Andrei Ravkov on June 15. The officials discussed the state of affairs in the Armed Forces. The army, according to the President, is bound to be strong today. The military must be ready to respond to modern challenges.

The Defense Minister reported about the ongoing modernization of the Belarusian army. He also reviewed the latest missile tests and other systems created to protect the territory of Belarus. The report also touched upon army sport and personnel policy in the armed forces.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
I would like to hear first of all about the situation in our army in terms of our agreements during the latest Security Council concerning army modernization. Unfortunately, we have to adapt it for the third time to modern warfare and modern challenges. But there is no other way. The world is very dynamic, especially in this respect. We have to take into account the world experience of modern warfare. Otherwise, we will create a "monster" - the army that will not be able to fight. God forbid!  It is better to develop the army so that no one is interested in even thinking about us in a bad way. The armed forces must be strong.
In this regard, I would like you to tell me about the next test of our systems and on issues of concern in the modernization of the army. Especially I want you to pay attention to army sport. We are lagging behind Russia in the development of army sport.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Comrade Commander, the Armed Forces have completed the first six months of study. All the military units have shown generally good results. If we talk about the overall assessment we can call it "good" and it is a decent result. We have built up during the first half the number of events (in particular, events are aimed at responding to the events that occur in our south). We see the increased activity of NATO, which has increased their exercise activities by more than 1.5 times compared to the previous year. We adequately and continuously assess the situation in Ukraine and the situation at our borders associated with the Ukraine conflict.

The main stage of army modernization will last until 2020. 

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The situation at present is, of course, tense. This is connected with the intensification of NATO activities near the borders of our country. It's no secret that the Baltic States and Poland are members of NATO, and they carry out a number of activities on operational combat training. We have to react. Naturally, these are events related to the situation in Ukraine.