90% of Belarusians planning to partake in presidential elections - research

90% of Belarusians planning to partake in presidential elections - research

Belarus in the mirror of public opinion. Today, a round table brought together representatives of leading sociological services. According to experts, any study should not just register figures but identify problems, ie have an applied nature. Poll results should immediately reach relevant agencies. During the round table, the participants underlined the role of social science research in the presidential election campaign.

The nature of any social research should be not only fundamental. Results of these studies should be applied as soon as possible.  Studies in Belarus are carried out to identify the problems of young people, the quality of medical services and education issues. As a rule, the data are then passed to the relevant departments, and even members of parliament so they can respond and help solve problematic issues.

Igor Kotliarov, director of the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor:
We have recently completed a study that deals with the family. It shows that Belarus has quite strong traditional family. Although there are many problems. The same civil marriage, or so-called cohabitation. Or the problem of divorce.  

This week the Central Election Commission proposed date of the presidential elections. Now the final decision depends on the Parliament. It will call the final date. At the same time the campaign dictates its own sociological features.  For example, some of the recent data of the February research of the Presidential Administration's center: about 90% of Belarusians will be involved in the political campaign.

Sociologists use a lot of tools: in-depth interviews, mass surveys and so on... Moreover, they don't have the right for error. An error of 5% annuls the result. Specialists need to strictly select future participants of sociological research.

Alexei Derbin, director of the Information Analytical Center at the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
It is necessary to ensure that the number of persons interviewed (different age groups and different sexes) coincides with the structure of the population, or is as close as possible to the structure of the Republic of Belarus.