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Dishes of Belarusian cuisine to appear in all Minsk cafes

Belarusian traditions to become more popular. Kolduny, pancakes, pickles and many other dishes of national cuisine will appear in Minsk cafes.

This instruction of the Minsk city authorities will not affect those restaurants that offered the national cuisine of other countries before.

The timing is unknown and there are no deadlines.

Andrei Domoratsky, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
The positioning of Belarusian cuisine is a relevant issue. Those guests who come to us for the IIHF WM in 2014... 85% of them ordered national Belarusian cuisine in every cafe and restaurant. So today we are working on establishing a network of Belarusian cuisine bistros. In the near future, we will open three cafes of the Belarusian cuisine network. We are working with investors who want to open Belarusian cuisine cafes and restaurants. We also grant certain benefits.

Andrei Domoratsky, deputy mayor of Minsk