Belarusian Cuisine Week starts in Minsk June 8


Belarusian Cuisine Week starts in Minsk June 8

On June 8, the Week of Belarusian cuisine started in Minsk. More than a hundred of restaurants and cafes offer traditional national dishes. The menu was made in advance and in accordance with the rules of the campaign, all participants must adhere to common formulas and prices. 

This is not the first such attempt to popularize the national cuisine.

South Korean student Jeong Doeng met masterpieces of the Belarusian Culinary Arts only four months ago. He immediately included Belarusian potato pancakes in his diet. He cooks them at least once every two weeks.

Chon Doeng, student (South Korea):   
We have classes about Belarus. And during one of the lessons we learned the recipe of Belarusian potato pancakes. We also have a similar dish, but Belarusian potato pancakes taste better than Korean.

This chef cooks Belarusian potato pancakes with a bit of Georgian spice.

Zurab Gomareli, restaurant manager of Georgian national cuisine:
It's a symbiosis of two cultures - Belarusian and Georgian. We took your pancakes and added some Georgian spice. This is original sauce with spices and tarragon.

This restaurant has pancakes in the daily menu. Belarusian cuisine is their identity. The chef chose pumpkin instead of traditional potato here.

Over a hundred of cafes and restaurants in Belarus have agreed to adhere to uniform prices and recipes.

Anastasia Primakova, public relations specialist of the Main Department of the consumer market of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
Minsk residents and guests can enjoy a cold soup of sorrel with new potatoes. Dessert features cheese "firewood" with honey. Fish in the melted butter with baked potato is perhaps the most expensive. It will cost Br70,000.