10th International Media Forum opens in Belarus

10th International Media Forum opens in Belarus

The Belarusian capital is hosting the International Media Forum. Today it is a large and unique project of its kind in the entire CIS. This discussion platform gathered dozens of mediapersons.

Memory of the Great Victory in WWII and those who fought for it is reflected in Minsk's toponymy - Rokossovskogo Avenue, Malinina Street, Zakharova Street and Bagramyana Street. Today, descendants of the great Soviet generals arrived in Minsk. Together with them are leading journalists, media persons, political scientists and public figures. The theme of the International Media Forum is the Great Victory. And in this context, the first point of the program is of special significance.

Lilia Ananich, Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus:
Historical memory must be unshakable. Today, Belarus shows sacred attitude to our history, to our moral roots. Today, these are the main principles of the state policy. This means respect for our country in the world. Belarus should send a big message to the world: piece must be strengthened and protected.

The 70th anniversary of the great victory is a sacred date to everyone. For example, Inna arrived from Israel.

Inna Sheyhanovich, chief commentator on culture of the "News Week" media holding (Israel):
I bow before how the memory is preserved in Belarus. And this is given that in many countries, the results and lessons of World War II are reviewed and people are moving away from the words "The Great Patriotic War". Against this background, the social processes in Belarus amaze me. I watched the May 9 Victory Day parade - it was an incredible sight. I saw how all Belarusians were celebrating the victory. War songs were heard in cafes, shops. That is, I saw a true national holiday.

This is the 10th such international forum. Traditionally, the vast geography of participants includes more than 400 media representatives from 20 countries of the CIS, the Baltic States and other countries.

For years, the forum has become a discussion platform for the most serious problems. The conflict in Ukraine was one of the points on the agenda. Journalists from that country again remembered the lessons of history.

Sergei Komissarov, media expert, Ukraine:
We pay tribute to your president. He is a man of tolerance, balanced, a man who tried to bring everyone to the negotiating table. The Minsk agreements were indeed very important for both Ukraine and Russia. Indeed, the role of Belarus as a peacemaker is very clear for us, Ukrainians. We will not divide our countries into the older or the younger or the middle brothers. We understand that Belarusians are our friends.

After laying flowers at the Victory Monument, the newsmakers went to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, and then the Stalin line.

Alexander Lukashenko, in his address to forum participants, expressed confidence that the event will facilitate friendly ties between the nations.

Tatiana Revizore, CTV:
The National Library became a kind of crossroads for the media forum. It is here where experts will meet on Monday. The schedule includes panel discussions, meetings with students, master classes and the cultural program.