Oil waste products recycling factory opened in Minsk Region

Oil waste products recycling factory opened in Minsk Region

A factory designed to recycle oil waste products was opened in Minsk Region on 3 June.

It is planned to process at least 15,000 tonnes of waste oils per annum. The venture built in the town of Krupsky, Minsk Region, has no analogues in the CIS area. 

Iya Malkina, Belarusian First Deputy Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister:
The drainage of waste oils into rivers causes damage not only to lands, but also to the entire environment. Burning of waste oil, which used to be practiced in Belarus, causes irreparable damage to human health.

Belarus has decided to abandon these methods of disposal. Contaminated oil can be reused even at a lower price and harmless to the environment. The Israeli investments were attracted for this purpose.

Yosef Shagal, Ambassador of Israel to Belarus:
The project was launched after the delegation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus visited such a factory in Israel. This was a Belarusian initiative. They said that they wanted the same one. In two and a half years the factory was build.

Dmitry Cherikover, MDD-BEL managing partner:
This is one of a few projects beneficial to everyone. It is useful to people, government, and business. In industry, any engines and turbines work on oil. After their operation, chemical contaminants appear. We extract all these chemical components, and return oil in the economic turnover again.

Yuri Sushkevich, BPS-Sberbank Executive Director:
Our bank understands the importance of this project for the Republic of Belarus, these technologies are the country’s future. It’s natural that we have supported the project.