Retired NBA players-turned-politicans arrive in Minsk


Retired NBA players-turned-politicans arrive in Minsk

The development of Belarusian-American relations through sport. On May 28 Minsk was visited by ex-players of the NBA. Former athletes are now engaged in big politics.

The delegation includes representatives of the Congress as well as American journalists. On May 28, they commemorated the victims of the Great Patriotic War (part of WWII) in Minsk.

During the visit, they held a number of official meetings with Belarusian parliamentarians and diplomats.

Steve Pierce, member of the House of Representatives of Congress, New Mexico:
Of course, the United States appreciates the peacekeeping mission of Belarus in the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. Our country is ready to join the process. We will discuss all this in the Congress, after our delegation returns to America. I believe that your president serves as a connecting link between the two countries. Belarus also became a peacekeeping platform because our head of state knows the situation and the position of all the parties.

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