Geely cars taking part in WWII commemorative auto rally

Geely cars taking part in WWII commemorative auto rally

On May 26, the National Library of Belarus welcomed participants of an unusual rally dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the major historic date of the XX century. The column featured cars assembled jointly by Belarus and China. The distance of hundreds of kilometers become a kind of test for the cars that are ready to conquer the market.

15 auto experts arrived from Russia in Belarus as part of the car rally dedicated to the Great Victory in WWII. The Russian journalists are testing Geely cars on Belarusian roads.

Some of them joke that cars assembled in Belarus is a subject of envy because Russian car sales have fallen to the 2009 level.

Their first destination is Lida. After that, they will head for Mir and Nesvizh. On the way, we visited the gas station. A five-minute stop.

Stanislav Pavlov, journalist (Russia):
These cars are filled with Belarusian 95th gasoline, no problems. The car does not lose power, at least with Moscow gasoline. I think your gasoline is very good.
This is more like a tour for me. I had never seen a flying stork, only in children's books. I like roads in Belarus. They are almost the same as in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Igor Ovsyannikov, director general of Geely Motors Russia:
We decided to show our Russian journalists Belarusian roads. We spent a bit of time to find a place for a test drive. Because you know, when you are in Russia, this is no problem with this but here we had to spend time to find a place, to show how this crossover can overcome obstacles. This is because Belarusian roads are top class.

Alexey Stepanov, journalist:
In every village, even a small one, there is usually a monument (usually in front of a school) or an obelisk to the fallen soldiers. Your country honors this memory and this is very impressive.

Nikolai Nazakinsky:
We are brotherly peoples. And I think that every year we are getting closer and closer. And this is not the case when it comes to some other neighboring countries.