Eurovision 2015: How it was and what entrants say

Eurovision 2015: How it was and what entrants say

A musician and entrepreneur from Sweden won the 60th Eurovision singing about the fact that everyone can become a hero. Russia's Polina Gagarina was second though it was she who led in the international vote.

The result was not a surprise. It was the Swedish artist who was named the most likely winner of Eurovision 2015.

As many as 27 countries were competing in the Grand Final. The Grand Final set several records. The broadcast gathered 200 million viewers and this year's Eurovision was also watched in Australia and China. Eurovision made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-living annual music competition on TV.

Vienna was hometown for Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Strauss and Brahms. Vienna, the recognized capital of classical music, became the center of modern musical rhythms. This was the second time Austria had hosted Eurovision. The previous win was already in the 1960s.

A resident of Vienna:
People came here from all over Europe. And I am very glad that our city is in the spotlight.

The Belarusian duo Uzari and Maimuna presented the song Time. Olympic champion Darya Domracheva, whom the CTV met at the airport in Austria, wished them good luck ahead of the contest.

Darya Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, winner of the Big Crystal Globe, three-time Olympic champion:
I'll watch our guys! I know that the semifinal is very soon. Hopefully, the guys will get into the final. And I hope they will perform well.

Uzari and Maimuna, singers (Belarus):
Wow, that's very nice. Of course, we are pleased that we are supported by such a great athlete!

The Belarusian duo failed to make it through to the final. But many fans, journalists and even competitors gave their votes for our song. Denmark participants sang our song, too. By the way, they did not manage to enter the final this year.

Antisocial Media (Denmark)
I do not remember the exact lyrics but Belarus has a good song. I know it. I'll sing along with you! We are happy that we participated together with so many countries. The competition this year was very strong.

In the meantime, the finalists continued to surprise. This is Bojana from Serbia (watch the video).

Bojana (Serbia):
You must be honest with the audience! Oh, sorry for the hiccups, I just laughed a lot. I was sweating during the rehearsal and was wrapped up in towels, like a queen in the mantle!

The Lithuanian duo impressed the audience with the romantic kiss on stage.

Vaidas (Lithuania):
We're just good actors, and that's enough.

The Polish singer, now in a wheelchair, won people's hearts thanks to the song and desire to live despite life circumstances.

Monica (Poland):
Participation here is a second chance for me. I have gone through hard times. And participation in the Eurovision Final is a double victory for me.

On the eve of the contest, Conchita Wurst, the winner of the previous Eurovision, presented a new album.

Conchita Wurst, winner of the international song contest Eurovision 2014:
(Your new album is called You Are Unstoppable. Is there anything that can stop you?) The red light at the intersection. I always obey traffic rules.

By the way. Prior to Eurovision, lights with images of same-sex couples were installed in Vienna. Many ordinary Austrians are not delighted. There was another novelty: environmental taxi on electric motors.

This year, the participants were offered organic food and reusable glassware. All energy needed for the conduct of the contest was received from "green" sources - sun, wind and water. The stage was illuminated with energy-saving lamps.

Yana Shipko, CTV:
Amazing atmosphere in the press center of Eurovision! So many bright fans from different countries in one place! You will not see it anywhere else! And let's talk to these bright boys!
- Hello Australia! How are you doing?
- I am very worried but I have time to work. And how are you?
- Great! I see you are ready to cheer for your entrant?
-Yes! Yes!

An exception was made for Australia, non-European country, for the 60th anniversary of Eurovision. The country was represented by Guy Sebastian - a real star in his homeland.

The final turned out to be predictable. Bookies placed Swede Måns Zelmerlöw first, with the Italian trio Il Volo and Polina Gagarina of Russia behind. As a result, the Italians scooped bronze and Russia won second place.

Polina Gagarina (Russia):
I've never been so proud of my country! Because my phone does not stop ringing! Everyone wants to congratulate me. Alla Pugacheva [one of the most famous singers in Russia] also called!

Sweden's song Heroes and the laser show "conquered" Europe.

After the final, Måns noted that he had not believed in his victory until the end.

Måns Zelmerlöw, the winner of Eurovision-2015:
I was supported by my delegation and my family, they are here with me. And in Sweden, my dog, a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever, is waiting for me. I think he also watched the show today!

Austria handed the music baton to Sweden. After just two years, the competition will get back to that country.