Dave Lewis to continue working with Team Belarus


Dave Lewis to continue working with Team Belarus

The ice hockey season is officially closed. On May 21, a press conference dedicated to this closure was held. The meeting was attended by chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation Igor Rachkovsky, one of Belarus' coaches and players of the national team. They talked about the last World Championship in the Czech Republic.

The head of the Federation gave his assessment of the 79th WM and also said that the head coach Dave Lewis will continue to work with the Belarus national team.

The Federation may conclude a new three-year contract with the Canadian coach.

Igor Rachkovsky, chairman of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation:
Dave agreed, we came to an agreement that he would work further. Now we are working on the contract from a legal point of view. We believe that the performance was very good. Yesterday evening Ľubomír Pokovič called. He said that many media in Slovakia and the Czech Republic recall the Belarusian team, he sees these articles every day. And this means only one thing: the Belarusian team has shown what hockey they should play.