US General Motors to assemble cars in Belarus

US General Motors to assemble cars in Belarus

The largest US automobile corporation General Motors will assemble cars in Belarus. In one year alone they plan to produce about three thousand crossovers Opel Mokka. Thanks to a lucrative contract, the company plans to expand domestic production and to hire new employees.

This Belarusian-British joint venture has been on the market since 1996 and has been manufacturing and assembling vehicles. At present, the company Unison works in unison with the three European brands. It produces eight models of cars.

Yuri Loiko, Deputy General Director of Unison:
The main landmark of our company is the export of cars abroad. But we are also actively selling our cars in Belarus.

In 2015, the company conducted a large-scale modernization. The most modern European equipment was purchased. It has been certified by high-level specialists from Poland, Germany and France. The result was not long in coming.

The American auto giant "General Motors" has decided to assemble Opel Mokka at the Belarusian enterprise.

Alexei Vaganov, a board member of Unison:
We are responsible only for the quality of assemblage of cars; for this we get a decent foreign currency fee. The capacity of the plant is 20,000. The management and shareholders represented by the Ministry of Industry and private shareholders will do everything possible for full capacity utilisation.

This model is not chosen by chance - it is the most sold in the CIS countries. All products will be exported to Russia under specific orders. The Customs Union played a great role in this regard.

Dmitry Yegorov, acting general director of Unison:
The Customs Union is a market of about 190 million people. We gained access to the Russian market. Accordingly, all products manufactured in our company, in other companies, have a duty-free and unrestricted access to the Russian market.

At full capacity, the company will employ up to 700 workers.

The company also expects to receive an order for five models of the brand Opel, including those of the premium class. This means jobs and solid dividends as well as the US currency.