Alternative civilian service for religious Belarusians?

Alternative civilian service for religious Belarusians?

On May 20, the Council of the Republic reviewed two dozen bills. The senators approved the Presidential Decree "On prevention of social dependency" and the bill on alternative civilian service.  

They also examined draft laws on ratification of agreements between the governments of Belarus and other countries such as Russia, Serbia, Armenia, Bulgaria, and the United Arab Emirates.

Among the most pressing ones is the draft law "On alternative civilian service". It may be introduced for those who cannot undergo military service in the army on religious grounds.

In 2014 alone, 28 people chose alternative service. The law will come into force in July 2016.

Nikolai Kazarovets, chairman of the Standing Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Social Development of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
After the adoption of this law, young citizens can be eligible for alternative service. They can choose healthcare, agriculture, forestry, social services and so on, which is written in the bill. If a young person does not have a higher education, such service will last 36 months. If he has a university degree, the term is 24 months.