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Polina Gagarina: Uzari & Maimuna are wonderful, I wish they were in the Eurovision final

The Eurovision 2015 checkpoint is closed for Belarusians. In Vienna, the first semifinal of the international song contest completed yesterday night.

Taking part in voting were audience and the professional jury.

Out of the 16 countries participating in the semifinal, only 10 have qualified for the Grand Final. The Belarusian duo "Uzari & Maimuna" performed the song Time but failed to gain the required number of votes.

Thus, our singers have completed their participation in the competition. However, their performance was praised by colleagues.

After the first semifinal, Albania, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Georgia, Serbia, Belgium and Russia have qualified.

Polina Gagarina, representative of Russia at the international song contest Eurovision 2015:
They are wonderful. I am very upset that they did not qualify. The song is incredibly decent, I sang along. Every day it played in my head. I think it will have incredible success in Belarus and Russia. I hope so. It is really very cool.

All in all, 20 nations will qualify from the two semifinals. In the Grand Final, they will perform along with the Big Five, Austria and Australia, which was invited for the May 23 final as a guest.

Polina Gagarina: Uzari&Maimuna are wonderful, I wish they were in the Eurovision final