International cardiology conference held in Minsk

International cardiology conference held in Minsk

Doctors and scientists from Belarus, Russia and Canada gathered in Minsk on May 19 to exchange experience. Cardiologists, general practitioners and internists met to share practical experience.

The main topic for discussion was the possibility of increasing the length and quality of life of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Natalia Mitkovskaya, Head of Department No3 of Internal Diseases of the Belarusian State Medical University:
We are talking about interventional procedures intervention in vessels. This is not surgery but intervention using special equipment. We restore patency of the vessel and the person's well-being and health improves.

Head of interventional clinical laboratory of the University of Western Ontario (Canada):
This exchange of experience is very important for all physicians, since it contributes to the development of medicine throughout the world. I can say that over the last 15 years in your country I have seen an amazing evolution in medicine, particularly in the field of cardiology. You have now reached the world level.

For several days, Canadian experts will share their experience with Belarusian doctors and conduct a series of surgeries in the Minsk Emergency Hospital and Soligorsk.