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Belarus fail to reach 2015 Eurovision final, Russia's Polina Gagarina through

Belarusians did not make it to the Eurovision 2015 final. In the semifinal, they performed number 11, followed by Russia's Polina Gagarina, whose song was one of the best of the night.

The winners of the first semifinal are Albania, Armenia, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Georgia, Serbia and Belgium. The countries' order is random, which means that we still don’t know the places the nations took in the semifinal.

The votes were announced very quickly and Belarus thought they would for sure be in the final. But this did not happen... Uzari and Maimuna did well but Europe decided against them.

Russia's Polina Gagarina put up a stunning performance with a powerful voice, beauty and sincerity. And of course, despite politics she easily sailed into the final and maybe she took one of the top places. We will find it out after the final.

It is notable that Russia were not booed unlike last year. At least it was not heard during TV broadcast from Vienna.

Belarusians were trying to win Eurovision Song Contest for the 12th time. The country has entered the final four times so far. Belarus' was represented there by Dmitry Koldun (2007), the band 3+2 (2010), Alyona Lanskaya (2013) and Teo (2014).

Who will win Eurovision 2015 and take home the trophy of the competition - Crystal Microphone? We'll find out soon! The Grand Final will be held in Vienna on Saturday, May 23.