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Uzari & Maimuna show Eurovision 2015 promotional items

A few days are left before the 2015 Eurovision official opening. On May 17, the delegations from 40 participating countries will walk down the red carpet on Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square) in Vienna.

By tradition, the contestants do not come empty-handed and surprise fans with a variety of promotional items: discs, booklets, badges, and postcards.

The Belarusian team decided not to surprise with a great diversity saying that “less is better”.

Anna Novik, Uzari & Maimuna’s spokeswoman:
Our guys brought to Vienna 200 T-shirts, 200 caps, 500 notebooks, and 2,000 postcards.

There are also two so-called “nano”-products! They are USB flash business cards and watches with a USB flash clasp, which will be brought to Vienna on the eve of the Contest.

Anna Novik, Uzari & Maimuna’s spokeswoman:
A very small number of these promotional USB flash cards was produced, only a few dozens. The music video and the song Time are recorded on them. The number of watches with USB flash cards is 200.

This year, all the Belarusian promotional products are united by a unique logo.

Anna Novik, Uzari & Maimuna’s spokeswoman:
The logo was created by Anna Gert, the author of our promotional products. This is an especially stylized Belarusian ornament with first letters of Uzari’s and Maimuna’s names woven into it. The logo reminds an hourglass which is a symbol of time.

The logo is present in all promotional products. It can be noticed even in Maimuna’s concert dress.

The Belarusian duo will perform number 11 in the first semi-final on May 19.

Packages, in which gifts for journalists and fans will be packed 

T-shirts (black and white) and a notebook

In notebooks, the information about artists and short stories about the song can be found

A promotional notebook

Uzari & Maimuna's photos in a promotional notebook

Uzari & Maimuna's photos in a promotional notebook

Maimuna on a promotional notebook

Uzari & Maimuna's official website in the social network