Why does Belarus attract Chinese?


Why does Belarus attract Chinese?

Belarus is becoming more and more attractive to Chinese tourists. In 2014, more than 10,000 Chinese people visited Belarus. Our citizens have become regular guests in Beijing as well.

Anastasia Soroka:
There is a very well-known proverb in the Chinese language that stands for “If you have not been on the Chinese wall, you're not a Chinese”.

In China, Nastya is called Lin, which means “forest”. Her name can be found on the Great Wall of China. The girl has been travelling around that ancient country for a year. It was enough for her to learn Chinese, but not enough to get well acquainted with the most mysterious and old civilization.

Anastasia Soroka:
In tourists’ eyes, China is an unusual riot of colors, a contrast between your life and life of other people, a contrast between cultures.

It is hard to imagine, but 10 years ago, there were few Belarusian tourists wishing to visit China. However, economic closeness and trade relations have sparked the interest. By the way, a direct Minsk-Beijing flight has been recently launched. And now China is one of the most popular destinations in travel agencies.

Alexander Kostyukevich, tourism manager:
Not 10 and not 20 – many more tourists travel to China each month either on tours and business or to have a rest.

Each year, the number of Chinese tourists increases. They are attracted by Belarus’ rich history and rest in farmsteads, but most of all by Belarusian nature and exotic culture.

Lin Chu Hua, Chinese tourist:
I like Belarus. Here, there is a very blue sky and fresh air. In the capital, I was struck by the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Your art is really stunning.

Su Li Xiang, Chinese tourist:
We’ve traveled round many cities. There’s unusual architecture here. Castles and cathedrals are very interesting and beautiful.

Both countries are interested in tourist flows. Actually, a tourist is not only a traveler but also a buyer.

China has been actively investing in the Belarusian tourist infrastructure. For example, a hotel has been recently built in Minsk.

The Chinese government has included Belarus in the list of countries worth visiting.

Vadim Karmazin, director of Tourism Department of Sports and Tourism Ministry:
The direction is very promising. Certainly, we are counting more on Chinese tourists. We welcome them to Belarus. There are all prerequisites for the development of these relations.

When a guest crosses the threshold, it’s great joy. This ancient Chinese proverb well describes Belarusian hospitality. Therefore, probably, tourist roads lead from China to Belarus and back.