Chinese artist Ao Te's exhibition opens in Minsk

Chinese artist Ao Te's exhibition opens in Minsk

The Yanka Kupala museum in Minsk is hosting an exhibition of famous Chinese artist Ao Te. He is popular all over the world.

He is also called the "Tiger King" for his fundamental paintings featuring these animals. The artist works in the technique of Chinese ink painting on rice paper.

It is the second time he has come to Belarus. Inspired by our nature and works of the Belarusian writer Yanka Kupala, Te Ao created a series of works devoted to the country.

Ao Te, artist (China):
After I visited the Republic of Belarus for the first time, I realized how friendly and helpful local people are and how picturesque the nature is. Works of the Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala are fine. So I realized that it is necessary once again to visit your country and get Belarusians familiar with Chinese culture.

Yanka Kupala, Belarusian writer