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U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band gives concert in Belarus

On May 8, the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band threw a concert near the walls of Brest Fortress. Almost fifty musicians surprised the Brest audience for almost 1.5 hours. The uniqueness of the collective is in its universality: the American musicians performed not only military marches, but also tunes from Hollywood bestsellers. Especially for Belarusian audience they learned "Lyavoniha" and "Kupalinka", which are Belarusian national songs.

They give 400 concerts a year. The US military did a truly unique thing for the Brest Fortress - they performed the Belarusian national anthem.

Lt. Col. Michael Mench, head of the band, is convinced that it is difficult to find a more important event than the overall victory in the Second World War. American soldiers offer to strengthen the friendship between the peoples with the help of music.

Master Sergeant USAF:
It's an amazing experience. When we arrived in Belarus, it was raining. We thought that with such unstable weather, people would not come. But people came and we established close human contact with the help of music. And despite the rain during the show, no one left.

Lt. Col. Mench ​​noted that the visit to Belarus has become one of the most vivid impressions for him.

On May 9, the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band will take part in the parade in the capital. According to the musicians, it is a special honor for them to march together with "allies".