Alexander Lukashenko presents State Awards to Honored Belarusians

Alexander Lukashenko presents State Awards to Honored Belarusians

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko presented State Awards on 7 May. The ceremony was held on the eve of Victory Day, so the atmosphere was especially solemn. Besides those who protect Belarus today the ceremony was attended by representatives of veterans’ organizations and, of course, WWII participants.

Anastasia Ivannikova, CTV:
Here they are, orders and medals.  As many as 39 people will be awarded today, and among them are military men, doctors, artists and, of course, veterans and Great Patriotic War participants.

There are Medals of Honor, ‘”For Service to the Motherland”, medal “For Distinguished Labor”, certificates of gratitude and ranks. Many of those who attended the ceremony have more than one award. However, it doesn’t make the value of the recognition less important. It costs too much. The ceremony became really special, solemn and even more relevant: Belarus and all the former Soviet people will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in just a day.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I’m truly glad to see representatives of veterans’ organizations from all over Belarus. Most of you have passed through the war and spent many years for the reconstruction of Belarus afterwards. There are a lot of military men on this solemn event. It’s symbolic too. Victory Day is a special holiday for them, because having chosen a career in fighting forces they continue the traditions of the Great Patriotic War soldiers-victors. I’m grateful to you for a high professionalism, for preservation and development of traditions left for us by the generations of victors. Today, representatives of different professions are honored. Thank you all for the development of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko reiterated that State Awards presentation is not only the most pleasant responsibility, but also the most honorable.

Words of gratitude for service to the Motherland, for labor and peace were expressed to military men, heads of veterans’ organizations and, of course, war participants. They were awarded first. These days, all those people are united for one cause and common memories. Memories and stories about that terrible war.

Alexander Mikhnevich, First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
In the spring 1945, my father was only 18 years old and he received the Order of the Red Star. It’s still the most valuable relic of our family. Probably that’s how those links of times come to life. We managed to preserve them.

Scientists, doctors and artists were also among those who attended the event. For example, Olga Denisova, a popular actress, who played tens of diverse roles.

Olga Denisova, leading master of the National Academic Dramatic Theater:
The award is really high. Moreover, it is presented on the eve of such a great holiday. It makes me so happy!

The end of the ceremony and glasses of champagne. This is one more tradition for this ceremony.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
It’s a special event and special awards. Special because it has a deep sense for the state and because it has a deep personal sense for everyone. Let’s drink for our Victory! Victory has a feminine gender in the Russian gender. For all courageous women! For all of you!